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"Acting is like lying. The art of lying well. I'm paid to tell elaborate lies." - Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson out and about in Australia 2017

Mel Gibson Out and About


Mel Gibson Voltage Pictures lawsuit

Voltage Pictures Fires Back


Mel Gibson lawsuit voltage picture

Gibson's Lawsuit Continues


On Thursday Mel Gibson sported a grey beard when he was spotted running errands in Beverly Hills. The 61-year-old silver fox, who once lived in Australia...

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Voltage Pictures has been fairly quiet about the conflict over The Professor and the Madman, but now...

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Gibson was set to make his return as a leading man in The Professor and the Madman later this year. The film ran into post-production troubles however...

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Mel Gibson lawsuit voltage picture

Gibson's Lawsuit Deepens


Jon Erwin

Mel Gibson Helped Inspire


Attack Force Z Mel Gibson

Attack Force Z Hits Blu-Ray


The legal battle over the Mel Gibson movie "The Professor and the Madman" has grown messier, with a new complaint filed Tuesday by director...

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Mel Gibson helped inspire Greg Laurie to make the forthcoming film "Steve McQueen: American Icon", director Jon Erwin has revealed...

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In celebration of its 35th Anniversary, the Mel Gibson headlined Attack Force Z hits Blu-ray and digital on November 7...

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Hacksaw Ridge AWGIE awards

Hacksaw Ridge wins AWGIE


Mel Gibson on the set of Dragged Across Concrete

Mel on set


Mel Gibson at the PNE 2017

A day at the PNE


Mel Gibson's WWII epic Hacksaw Ridge has taken out the award for best original feature film at the annual Australian Writers' Guild awards...

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Mel Gibson was sporting a preposterous soup-strainer as he got to work on police brutality film Dragged Across Concrete in Canada on Sunday...

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Gibson and his daughter were escorted around the grounds by local producer Howard Blank and Blank’s wife. “They had a good time,” Blank said....

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Daddy's Home 2 Trailer

Hacksaw Ridge Trailer

Mel Gibson Interview




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