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Blood Father

Blood Father - Coming in 2015.
An ex-con reunites with his estranged wayward 16-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her. - Imdb

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Auction My Stuff for Charity- Apocalypto


Mel Gibson

Auction My Stuff are currently hosting an Apocalypto Memorabilia auction, where they are selling items from the movie directed by Mel Gibson, to aid the charity, Mending Kids International. For more information about the website visit auctionmystuff.com and if you are interested in placing a bid on any of the Mel Gibson items, visit - here -

AuctionMyStuff presents the inaugural benefit auction of memorabilia from the groundbreaking film Apocalypto offered for sale by Icon Productions to benefit the international charity Mending Kids.  The sale includes over thirty-three lots of Apocalypto film memorabilia.

The auction includes an array of jewellery, headdresses and temple drawings used in the making of the film.

Downey Jr. says he'll come back for Iron Man 4 if Mel Gibson directs


Mel Gibson

‘The Avengers’ star said that he believed Mel Gibson should be given the opportunity to make movies again, and was game to have Gibson helm the fourth installment of the superhero franchise.

How powerful is Iron Man?
The Golden Avenger might even be strong enough to save Mel Gibson’s career.
Robert Downey Jr. would return to the blockbuster franchise if his close friend Mel Gibson directed it, he told Deadline.

Mel Gibson spends some quality time with daughter Lucia


Mel Gibson

He's gearing up for a leading role comeback in new thriller Blood Father next year. But for the minute, Mel Gibson is just happy playing daddy day care for his daughter Lucia. The Lethal Weapon veteran enjoyed a day of fun with his youngest child at the Giggles 'N' Hugs play centre in Los Angeles.

Going incognito in a baseball cap and yellow shirt, and sporting a scraggly salt-and-pepper beard, the 58-year-old left the stage to his four-year-old daughter, who made the most of the fun activities on offer. Mel happily watched on as Lucia tackled the play area, which includes ball pools and climbing frames.

Mel Gibson Walks Through The Scanner At LAX


Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson caught a flight to New York out of LAX today, and the actor was forced to go through the security scanners just like every other traveler.

Mel Gibson is starring in the latest installment of the action franchise, and co-star Terry Crews claims the Braveheart star isn't the racist and sexiest person he's been made out to be in the media. "It's the same with Mel as it is with a guy like Donald Sterling. If someone filmed you and recorded everything you did all day long, they would find something that would offend everybody.

Eric Bana Thanks Mel Gibson For Hollywood Breakthrough


Eric Bana

Australian actor Eric Bana credits Mel Gibson with smashing down the door to Hollywood and paving the way for screen stars from Down Under.

Gibson, who was born in America but grew up in Australia, became a major star in Tinseltown with his role in the Mad Max franchise, and he cemented his place with the Lethal Weapon movies and a double Oscars win for his 1996 blockbuster Braveheart.

Several Australians, including Bana, followed him into a Hollywood career, and the Hulk star is convinced Gibson is the man all actors from Down Under have to thank.

Mel Gibson Joins Action Roster in Expendables 3


Mel Gibson

The Expendables movies have never been known for their excellent attention to detail, their well paced plotlines, or stellar performances from the aging stars, but one thing they have always, consistently provided is action.

Exploding cars, ten minute punch ups, white-hot-cartridges-falling-from-helicopter-miniguns kind of action; the same kind that was so prevalent in the 80s, before everyone realised it was all a bit silly and upped their production values.