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"People like scary stories. There's a fascination with fear themes, and we want to face those things in a weird, subconscious way." - Mel Gibson

Lethal Weapon 5

Lethal Weapon 5


Gogglebox Ireland with Mel Gibson

Gibson on Gogglebox Ireland


Mel Gibson Movies

Like Father, Like Son


Richard Donner, who directed all of the previous Lethal Weapon films now says that he's simply waiting for a studio green light in order to move forward...

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Gibson found himself on the Gogglebox Ireland couch alongside co-stars John Lithgow, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It was a surreal sight....

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Mel Gibson plays Kurt, the alpha male father of Mark Wahlberg’s character, in Paramount Pictures’ comedy sequel, Daddy’s Home 2...

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Mel Gibson

Groundhog Day Styled Thriller


Mel Gibson 2017

Gibson & Wahlberg


Daddy's Home 2 Mel Gibson

Gibson struggled to improvise


Gibson and Grillo are teaming with Joe Carnahan for Boss Level, a new action-thriller about military veterans with a time-bending premise...

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Gibson describes his character: Kurt’s an astronaut, a hard living, womanizing kind of dude still up to his old tricks even though...

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Mel Gibson has revealed that he felt “lost” and struggled to improvise with comedy in his new film Daddy’s Home 2...

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Mel Gibson 2017

Gogglebox Ireland


Mel Gibson 2017

A chat with the cast



Braveheart in Ireland


Four of the biggest stars in Hollywood will be gracing our TV screens next week as part of Gogglebox Ireland...

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The film had its UK premiere last night at London’s Vue in Leicester Square with a suitably Christmassy red carpet brimming with fans...

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The Hollywood star filmed the box office smash in Scotland and Ireland in 1994 and not only starred in, but also directed, the film...

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Daddy's Home 2 Trailer

UK Premiere Interview

Interview about Parenting