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hacksaw ridge


january 18, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge celebrates real heroes

Gibson, 61, tells the story of Desmond Doss, a religious man who enlisted in the army voluntarily as a medic, even though he had no intention of firing a shot. In the final days of the ferorcious battle for the Japanese island of Okinawa in 1945, Doss single-handedly saved 75 men under fire without a gun...

Hacksaw Ridge


january 13, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge Crosses $150 Million

Mel Gibson's World War II drama "Hacksaw Ridge" has crossed $150 million at the worldwide box office after two months in release...

andrew garfield hacksaw ridge bafta


january 11, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge up for 5 BAFTA

Garfield scored a leading actor nod for his role as a combat medic in Mel Gibson's Second World War film Hacksaw Ridge. Garfield's performance has won critical praise...

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross red carpet Golden Globes 2017


january 09, 2017

Mel Gibson at the Golden Globes

Mel Gibson had two dates for the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards this year.
The star was joined by his pregnant girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, on the red carpet Sunday...

Mel Gibson and Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2016


january 08, 2017

Mel Gibson says "I wanted to strangle him!"

He was famously skewered by past host Ricky Gervais on two memorable occasions but is confident he's safe this year...

Mel Gibson at AFI awards and AACTA 2017


january 07, 2017

Mel Gibson at AFI awards and AACTA

Mel Gibson, director of Hacksaw Ridge, and his colleague and film's star Andrew Garfield were all smiles during the luncheon. Their film is up for two Golden Globe awards this Sunday....

Mel Gibson arriving to Jimmy Kimmel 2017


january 06, 2017

Mel Gibson says goodbye to his beard

He is the actor and director who has been hidden behind his facial hair for years. But Mel Gibson faced photographers for the last time with his great big bushy beard on Thursday....

Mel Gibson the director 2017


january 05, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge a love story

Gibson says something about the story of Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery in combat as a medic during World War II, finally clicked for him when...

mel gibson happy birthday 2017


january 03, 2017

Happy Birthday Mel Gibson!

The actor, film director, producer and screenwriter was born Jan. 3, 1956, in Peekskill, New York...

mel gibson hacksaw ridge 2016


december 31, 2016

Mel Gibson Gets Director of the Year

Mel Gibson was named Director of the Year at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival for Hacksaw Ridge...

mel gibson madman 2016


december 19, 2016

Mel Gibson is back playing a Scot

Mel Gibson plays a Scot for the first time in 21 years in his new film, but his dodgy Braveheart accent has gone for good...