Obsessed with Irn-Bru

November 26, 2018

Milo and Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s son has revealed that he became obsessed with Irn-Bru while on the set of Braveheart. Milo, 28, visited Scotland when he was six years old to watch his father act and direct the blockbuster movie about the Scottish rebellion led by William Wallace...

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Lethal Weapon

The last film in the series was Lethal Weapon 4 way back in 1998, but over the last couple of years there have been rumours about a potential fifth and final sequel. Movies In Focus had the amazing opportunity to speak with director Richard Donner, the genius behind the movies and he dropped a bit of information on how Lethal Weapon 5 is progressing. Here’s what he had to say.

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Mel Gibson in the Madman

Voltage Pictures is seeking sanctions against Gibson, who allegedly claimed he wouldn't be in the country until next year but was spotted last week...

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