Mel Gibson says goodbye to his beard


He is the actor and director who has been hidden behind his facial hair for years.

But Mel Gibson faced photographers for the last time with his great big bushy beard on Thursday.

Mel arrived on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon to tape his spot as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and once inside, the clippers came out and the beard was GONE.

Mel Gibson arriving to Jimmy Kimmel 2017

The Oscar winner rocked up in jeans, a navy polo shirt and a zip up black denim motorcycle jacket.

For a man possibly facing a shave, Mel's beard was still relatively neatly trimmed, significantly more trimmed than it has been at phases over the last year, including the Hacksaw Ridge premiere.

His big bushman's beard has become a major talking point and he has made jokes at his own - and its - expense, sarcastically telling USA Today in October that he can 'wring it out and make soup' at the end of each week with the leftovers contained within it.

The promotional line for Kimmel was 'Mel Gibson gives a stranger a haircut', however the job he provided was seemingly inspired more by a sheep shearer than bushman.

Soon roles were soon reversed and the audience member with a half-shorn head was taking to Braveheart's beard.

As to the audience's surprise, the clippers took a big strip out of the beard.

Mel Gibson getting shaved on Jimmy Kimmel 2017

After retreating backstage in order to complete the job, Mel returned for the traditional interview clean shaven.

He joked to Kimmel that the shave had gone very well and 'the guy threw in a Brazilian wax for free!

Earlier, Mel's beard was on full display as the Australian actor arrived at Kimmel's studio where he faced a line of fans and photographers.

Mel carried his glasses in his left hand, though he showed no sign of needing them as he signed autographs for the waiting fans.

The Australian veteran actor appeared to patiently sign the various film memorabilia presented to him, for movies ranging from Mad Max to Braveheart, as well as his latest film.

Mel Gibson signing autographes on his way to Jimmy Kimmel 2017

In his right hand, Mel carried his iPhone, which seemingly was low on battery as it was still plugged in to its charger, which dangled from Mel's fingers.
But the electric gadget that would dominate Mel's evening lay inside.

Mel Gibson on his way to Jimmy Kimmel 2017

The Hacksaw Ridge director is nominated for Best Director at the Golden Globe Awards to be presented on Sunday.

Those awards are set to be hosted by Jimmy Fallon, who also presents a late night talk show on NBC.
But it was Fallon's late night rival who secured perhaps the Mel moment of 2017.

Source: DailyMail