>Mel Gibson Is A Great Choice For The DCEU


Mel Gibson is back in the news again, but this time it’s only about his abilities as a filmmaker. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Gibson is supremely talented in front of and behind the camera. His latest work, Hacksaw Ridge, was one of the best films of 2016 and yet another crown jewel in his impressive filmography as a director. News broke recently that Warner Bros. is eyeing Gibson to helm a potential sequel to Suicide Squad. Now, nothing has been confirmed yet, but Gibson did reveal that talks are indeed underway and he has plenty of ideas for the movie.

If Gibson does end up directing Suicide Squad 2, it would be perhaps one of the strangest and shocking developments in the movie industry. Not too long ago, around the time Hacksaw Ridge opened in theatres in early November, the director criticized comic book films. Gibson believes that Marvel and DC movies are more violent than any of his films as they usually contain violence without a conscience. There’s no meaning or depth behind all of that destruction in these superhero movies, according to Gibson. Following all of this, for him to actually agree to helm a sequel to one of the most hated films in the genre is quite interesting to say the least. Especially considering the first Suicide Squad is littered with brainless action set pieces that don’t carry any emotional weight.


This just might be a brilliant move by Warner Bros., and one that could potentially save their fledgling comic book cinematic universe. There are numerous different things Gibson could bring to these DC films, and he’ll most certainly add elements Warner Bros. desperately needs. For one, Gibson has a knack for telling his stories through the perspective of one character. In nearly all of his films there’s a strong and well-written protagonist that viewers can root for and understand, and these characters are often highly flawed.

Mel Gibson has the ability to focus on a single DC character and make them shine. In Braveheart, Gibson’s William Wallace is an important historical figure. The filmmaker manages to make the audiences feel Wallace’s rage and pain, and understand his decision to lead an uprising against the elite. Similarly with Hacksaw Ridge, which showcases the unusual moral dilemmas that Desmond T. Doss faces. He wants to participate in The Second World War, but refuses to fire a weapon, and the viewer always understands why Doss decides to make these tough choices.

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Given the time and resources, Gibson can certainly pull off some interesting storytelling with Deadshot. The more you think about this directing choice, the more it’s easier to understand why Gibson might be a great fit.

Source: CGmagonline