Mel Gibson's former agent reveals


It was Mel Gibson's turn in the seminal Australian post-apocalyptic film Mad Max that propelled the star to international fame.

Now, Mel's former agent Faith Martin has revealed that the star was destined for the role of Max Rockatansky, saying there was always much more to Mel than his looks.

Mel Gibson

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Faith, who was Mel's agent from 1976 to 1979, revealed that as soon as the production team saw Mel's audition, the search was over.

It was clear even back then that there was a lot more to Mel than his looks. There always has been, she said.

The publication revealed that when director George Miller saw Mel's audition he felt shivers up his spine - a fact with which production-coordinator Jenny Day concurred.

I remember George calling me and saying: "Do you want to come and look at footage of some auditions? I think we've got a Max", she said. She added that Mel exuded an undeniable charisma in that audition.

"There was no doubt that Mel had it", she said. "Everybody felt that. George felt that. Mitch [Matthews, casting director] felt that. I felt that".

Mel Gibson Mad Max

With Mad Max becoming somewhat of a cult classic in the US, Mel parlayed that early success into a career that saw him become one of the biggest box office draws from the late 1980s to the early 2000s.

The film's 1981 sequel, which as renamed the Road Warrior, was an even bigger success for the star Stateside with the film widely regarded as being one of the best sequels ever made.

His turn in the Lethal weapon series propelled him to the top of the A-list and in 2000 Mel had a hand in three films - The Patriot, Chicken Run and What Women Want - that each grossed more than $100million.

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Source: DailyMail