Mel Gibson spends a day at the PNE


Mel Gibson spent Saturday at the PNE.

Gibson and his daughter were escorted around the grounds by local producer Howard Blank and Blank’s wife. “They had a good time,” Blank said.

Mel Gibson at the PNE 2017

It was a day away from the set for Gibson. The movie star is in town to shoot a locally-produced film, “Dragged Across Concrete.” Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Carpenter are among Gibson’s co-stars; Vancouver’s Look to the Sky Films has partnered with Unified Films on the production.

Mel Gibson at the PNE 2017

According to Blank, the Gibsons covered everything at the annual end-of-summer ritual, including a ride on the Pirate Ship, a visit to the Midway — including winning a big blue stuffy at the Bowler Roller — and eating ribs.

Gibson wore a ball cap and is currently sporting a moustache, so he seems to have spent most of the day unnoticed by other fairgoers.

Mel Gibson at the PNE 2017

“A few people did recognize him,” Blank said, but most seemed too shy to say anything. “Typical Vancouver,” he added. “Mel was happy to oblige the few people who asked for a photo.”

Source: VancouverSun