Attack Force Z With Mel Gibson Hits Blu-Ray In November


Attack Force Z Mel Gibson

In celebration of its 35th Anniversary, the Mel Gibson headlined Attack Force Z hits Blu-ray and digital on November 7. Originally released in North America in June 1982, the story centers on a group of commandos who are tasked with rescuing plane survivors on a South Pacific island that’s occupied by the Japanese. Gibson stars as Captain P.G. Kelly in this WWII tale that co-stars Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and John Waters (Breaker Morant).

Attack Force Z features a new 4K scan and restoration of the film. Special features include the 25 minute segment “The 2-Men Debriefed” which contains interviews with executive producer John McCallum and actors Waters and Chris Haywood. The theatrical trailer and a photo gallery are also included.

“Previous home video versions of this film have looked sub-par,” said Eric Wilkinson, MVD Entertainment Group’s Director of Acquisitions and Sales. “Umbrella Entertainment has done an amazing job restoring this film to its original glory. As a collector of physical media myself, I’m happy to announce that Attack Force Z represents the first of many classic films on Blu-ray that MVD will be releasing in the near future.”


Attack Force Z is available for pre-order on and Amazon.

Source: HollywoodOutBreak