Mel Gibson on the Gogglebox Ireland couch


What might these Hollywood stars have thought of RTÉ2's sitcom?

Gogglebox Ireland with Mel Gibson

Passing through Dublin to plug his latest movie (the critically savaged Daddy's Home 2), Mel Gibson found himself on the Gogglebox Ireland couch (3e), alongside co-stars John Lithgow, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It was a surreal sight.

Lithgow detected "a certain lack of urgency" in RTÉ1's Fair City (somewhat kinder than the regular Gogglebox participant who thought it "a load of crap"), while during the same channel's Stetsons and Stilettos, Wahlberg and Ferrell invented a parody C&W song about drinking beer on the end of a pier.

Lithgow, however, inexplicably enthused over Ireland's Fittest Family ("This is exciting. I'm into this") and asked Gibson if he underwent such competitive exercises at home. "No, never", the once disgraced but now seemingly rehabilitated star replied. "We're not the fittest family, maybe the fattest."

Overall they were tolerant, if clearly bemused, about what they were being obliged to watch, though it's a pity they didn't get to see the first episode of The School (RTÉ2), a mockumentary so awful that their genial masks might have slipped. Certainly my lower jaw never left the floor throughout its screening.

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