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Mel Gibson Accused of Dodging Deposition

October 13, 2018

Voltage Pictures is seeking sanctions against the actor, who allegedly claimed he wouldn't be in the country until next year but was spotted last week at an UFC fight.

Mel Gibson in the Madman

Voltage Pictures says Mel Gibson is dodging his deposition in a legal fight over The Professor and The Madman, according to a motion for sanctions filed Wednesday.

Gibson sued in 2016, claiming Voltage sabotaged the film, and the company countersued, asserting the actor was trying to hijack its distribution.

Voltage claims Gibson said he was going to be out of the country and unable to sit for deposition until 2019 — which caused them to push back the upcoming trial by two months — but was caught on camera Saturday at an UFC fight in Las Vegas.

"Mr. Gibson's company, Icon Productions, LLC ("Icon") initiated this action over fifteen months ago and since that time, Mr. Gibson (as well as his partner and Icon's other owner, Bruce Davey) has yet to make himself available for deposition," writes attorney Jeremiah Reynolds in the motion. The Voltage attorney says defendants were forced to file two ex parte briefs and argue at two related hearings to continue the trial so they could have enough time to depose Gibson and other witnesses before filing a motion for summary judgment.

Reynolds is asking the court to sanction Gibson and his legal team to recoup the costs of filing the ex parte motions. He's also asking the court to order Gibson to sit for deposition before Nov. 9. Trial is currently set for March.

Gibson's reps on Thursday sent The Hollywood Reporter a statement in response to the filing, saying he welcomes the opportunity to testify in the matter and the idea that he's dodging the deposition is "nonsense." It also says the issue has already been resolved and the actor agreed to appear before December 1 in either LA or Sydney.

"[The] motion for sanctions is manufactured drama by counsel for Voltage in order to try and generate press to direct attention away from their actions," reads the statement. "There was no promise made that he would appear last weekend if he happened to be in US."

Source: HollywoodReporter

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