Mel Gibson will receive a lifetime achievement honor

june 25, 2014

Mel Gibson has surfaced as having been a lot more popular across the world over the span of his career than his critics would like to believe. In fact Gibson will be given a lifetime achievement honor at the Karlovy Vary Festival reported The Hollywood Reporter on June 24, 2014. Organizers have said Gibson will be given the Crystal Globe for lifetime achievement when the 49th edition of the central European film festival in the Czech Republic begins next week.

Mel Gibson

Gibson is well remembered for having played the title role in George Miller's 1979 futuristic action movie "Mad Max." Gibson made a name for himself across the world in this movie. Gibson's latest film as a director, the drama "Apocalypto," will be screened at the festival. Gibson produced, directed and co-wrote this 2006 film which received three Oscar nominations. The story behind the downfall of the ancient Mayan empire is told in the original indigenous language in this movie.

Mel Gibson Mad Max

Source: Examiner