Mel Gibson spends some quality time with daughter Lucia

october 02, 2014

He's gearing up for a leading role comeback in new thriller Blood Father next year. But for the minute, Mel Gibson is just happy playing daddy day care for his daughter Lucia. The Lethal Weapon veteran enjoyed a day of fun with his youngest child at the Giggles 'N' Hugs play centre in Los Angeles.

mel gibson

Going incognito in a baseball cap and yellow shirt, and sporting a scraggly salt-and-pepper beard, the 58-year-old left the stage to his four-year-old daughter, who made the most of the fun activities on offer. Mel happily watched on as Lucia tackled the play area, which includes ball pools and climbing frames.

mel gibson

He made his first major film comeback in this summer's Expendables 3 alongside fellow action veterans Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He's set to star in Blood Father next year, which has been billed as a Taken-type thriller. The movie tells the story of an ex-con, who reunited with his estranged teenage daughter after she gets caught up with a drug cartel.

mel gibson

However, Mel Gibson insists his main calling is directing.
He said: 'I think the most fun you can have standing up is directing a film. It's like my primary want. That's my gift, direction. I'm going to pursue that. I've got a few irons in the fire. It doesn't pay to talk too much about it because of industrial sabotage. The minute you say anything somebody swipes the idea.
But I'd direct TV. TV is getting amazing. I definitely have my sight set on that and will do.'

mel gibson mel gibson

Source: DailyMail