Mel Gibson's Acting Credentials: Awards and Highlights of Storied Career

march 25, 2015

Mel Gibson has become known as a talent both in front of and behind the camera. The movie “Braveheart” won him several awards as Best Director as well as Best Picture from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. “The Passion of the Christ” won numerous awards for Gibson as well, but his honors as an actor should not be forgotten. Here are just some of the awards that highlight his career.

1. "Tim" (1979)

Going back as far as 1979, before he was a well-known star, Gibson won the lead role in an Australian romantic drama called “Tim." The role earned him a Best Actor award by the Australian Film Institute Awards, playing a mildly mentally challenged young man who becomes involved with a woman twice his age. Gibson plays Tim, who must overcome his own issues and those of his family, who disapprove of his budding relationship.

Mel Gibson Tim 1979

2. "Gallipoli" (1981)

After his role in “Mad Max”, Gibson played another role set in Australia. He earned a Best Actor award for his role in “Gallipoli” by the Australian Film Institute Awards. Set during the World War I and directed by Peter Weir, the movie is named for the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. 

The tagline from the movie was, “From a place you never heard of, comes a story you’ll never forget.” Gibson plays a young man who joins the Australian Army and end up fighting against the Turks.

Mel Gibson Gallipoli

3. "What Women Want" and More

The year 2000 was a very busy one for Gibson. He appeared in four movies that year including "What Women Want,” starring Gibson as an overbearing and somewhat lecherous advertising executive. His performance earned him a nominee by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes) for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture. - Comedy/Musical.

Mel Gibson gave a heartfelt speech upon receiving the Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema Award at the Irish Film and Television Awards 2008. In it, he makes reference to his Irish mother, who passed away in 1990.

On the lighter side, Gibson co-won the award from MTV for Best On-Screen Duo with Danny Glover for playing Martin Riggs in “Lethal Weapon 3.” Many would argue that it was long overdue, being the third movie in a series that has given viewers many hilarious give-and-take exchanges between the two gifted actors.

Source: NewsMax