Oscar-Winning Actor Mel Gibson Goes Location Scouting

april 20, 2015

The Victorian city of Ballarat has seen its fair share of tourists over the years as the home of the Eureka Stockade, but today a famous face surprised locals while scouting locations for an upcoming film.

Mel Gibson, who spent his teenage years living and studying acting in Australia, reportedly ordered a burger for lunch at The George Hotel today while discussing potential film sites with his small entourage.

Mel Gibson 2015

Staff member Lochie Whitaker told News Corp the Oscar-winning actor turned director was friendly but trying to keep a low profile.

"He was really nice, really polite," he said.
"No one really even noticed he was there."

Despite his hopes of laying low, Gibson posed for a photo with Mr Whitaker, which was posted to a friend's Twitter account with the caption
"shook the hand of the man himself and took the photo #melwatch @GeorgeBallarat #omg #hacksawridge #noselfie #doh!"

The #MelWatch hashtag has been adopted by Ballarat locals, however nobody appears to have matched Mr Whitaker's efforts in snagging a photo with the 59-year-old Hollywood star.

Source: 9News