No Charges For Mel Gibson Over Abuse Claim

september 03, 2015

A newspaper photographer accused the actor of launching a tirade at her after she took pictures of him and his new girlfriend.

Mel Gibson will not be charged over a claim he shoved and abused a photographer who took photos of him and his new girlfriend.

Kristi Miller, from Sydney's Daily Telegraph, claimed the scuffle happened as the Oscar-winning director, 59, and Rosalind Ross, 24, left an Israeli Film Festival screening of Matti Caspi - Confession on 23 August.

State police said in a statement "the matter was ... investigated thoroughly".
"At this stage, based on the evidence gathered, no formal action will be taken," New South Wales Police said.

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Gibson's Sydney lawyer was informed of the police decision not to press charges, his publicist Rogers and Cowan said.

"Mel Gibson has totally denied from the onset these disgraceful allegations," Rogers and Cowan said in a statement.

"He is now satisfied that the police, after speaking to witnesses and reviewing CCTV footage and other evidence, have found there is no substance to the claim."

He added that both Gibson and his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, had provided comprehensive statements to police about the allegations.

GibsonĀ has now retained top Sydney defamation lawyer Mark O'Brien and intends to initiate defamation proceedings against the newspaper that employs the photographer, the Murdoch-family controlledĀ The Daily Telegraph.

Gibson is in Sydney to direct a World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge, starring Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn.

Source: SMH and Sky