Jodie Foster talks about Mel Gibson

may 12, 2016

One of the most recognizable names in Hollywood thanks to a nearly five-decade career that began at age 3 and includes films like Taxi DriverThe AccusedThe Silence of the LambsPanic Room, and Little Man Tate.

mel gibson jodie foster

Foster reflects on the public stand she took for her longtime friend. “I’ve known him for 20-something years, and he’s someone that I really love and I really care about,” she told The Daily Beast on a recent afternoon in Beverly Hills. “I obviously can’t condone his behavior—his private behavior. What do I know about his private behavior? But I do know the man I know, who is an extraordinary artist. I know the experiences I’ve had with him and that’s really the only thing I can attest to.”

“I think if someone you love is struggling, you don’t disown them and run in the opposite direction,” she added. “I think you try to be compassionate, and try to understand their struggle. Try to help them.”

Foster confirms the unintentional parallels between Gibson and her Money Monster antihero: “And I have real feelings about what’s public and private—and a real sense of loyalty to the people who are struggling, trying to survive a public life. I think you feel terribly alone, and I guess I’m out there saying, ‘You’re not alone.’ Whether it’s him or other people that have gone through similar situations.” 

“But Mel is an extraordinary director, and I have to say, I think he’s the most loved actor I’ve ever worked with—not just by me, by all the technicians and everybody who’s worked with him,” she added. “That’s just the truth, and obviously we all have complicated truths that come with us.”

Source: thedailybeast