Mel Gibson is visiting romantic Granada and the Alhambra Palace

may 18, 2016

HOLLYWOOD icon Mel Gibson is in Spain today visiting one of the country’s most treasured tourist attractions.

The American and his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, are spending time in romantic Granada and have weaved a trip to the Alhambra palace into their holiday.

The couple arrived in Granada on Monday after flying from Madrid and spent yesterday in the Moorish palace with a private guide before watching a Flamenco performance last night.

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross in Granada Spain
Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross in Granada Spain 2016

When approached by a journalist during the evening, Gibson reportedly shook their hand before apologising that he was ‘a little tired’ and declining to comment on his trip.

Gibson and Ross have been staying in a five-star hotel in the centre of town.

With a big white beard, jeans and a white shirt, the Braveheart star was almost unrecognisable as he mingled with the other tourists.

Mel Gibson in Granada Spain 2016

At a nearby watering hole, while Gibson lunched on piglet (cochinillo), his girlfriend ate boquerones and roasted vegetables.

He joins a long list of celebrities who have visited Granada recently to enjoy its winding streets, fabulous architecture and bustling squares.

Mel Gibson in Granada Spain 2016

Source: TheOlivePress , ahoragranada , ideal