William H Macy on working with Mel Gibson

august 31, 2016

Indie favourite William H Macy, the star of Fargo and Boogie Nights among many other acclaimed roles, is back on our screens this weekend in a supporting role alongside Mel Gibson in Blood Father.

The film is a brutal revenge thriller in which alcoholic ex-con John Link (Gibson) goes on a blood-soaked rampage to protect his teenage daughter, with the help of Kirby (Macy), his best friend.

Macy admits that he’s not usually a fan of the this type of revenge-thriller genre.

"I don’t normally like violent movies, and I must admit this came out a little more violent than I thought it would," he says. "But I feel that’s kind of legitimate, kind of earned, if you know what I mean. It’s a familiar story of the guy dragged back into a life of crime and it just works so well here."

Macy admits that a big part of the movie’s appeal was the chance to work with Gibson.

"For me the chance to work with Mel was a dream come true," he says. "I shoot [TV channel Showtime’s remake of the British comedy-drama] Shameless most of the year, so it’s very difficult to find a film I can do, and these dates just happened to work out perfectly. The chance to act with Mel was all I needed."

William H Macy with Mel Gibson in Blood Father

So was Macy concerned that his own reputation could be damaged by working with Hollywood’s current bete-noir?

"No – perhaps I’m being naive but I think that whole episode had a lot to do with drinking and he paid a dear price for all that," Macy says.

"When I met him, I could tell he was still reeling from it – but I think we have to forgive people. Everyone deserves a second chance.

"A good friend asked me the same question and I suddenly thought, ‘Oh – have I done something political? I didn’t think so.’ Mel went underground for a long time [his last starring role was in 2011’s The Beaver, though he has also appeared in the Machete and Expendables franchises since] and I just figured he was ready to do another movie and I was happy to do it with him."

The video below is an interview with Mel Gibson promoting Blood Father.

Source: TheNational