Mel Gibson spotted in Dublin

september 21, 2016

It has been confirmed that Mel Gibson and Sean Penn will be in Dublin this month to begin work on a film adaptation of Simon Winchester’s 1998 bestseller The Surgeon of Crowthorne. Gibson has already been spotted on the streets of the capital.

Mel Gibson in Dublin 2016

Taking its title from the US edition of the book, The Professor and the Madman, tells the unlikely story of Sir James Murray, early editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, and his interactions with an eccentric contributor, Dr WC Minor.

Gibson plays Murray. Penn plays Minor, a retired army surgeon who made more than 10,000 contributions while in Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, as it was then called.

The film, which will shoot around Dublin for eight weeks, has received creative co-production funding from the Irish Film Board and “on the ground” locations support from the board’s inward production team. Rob McCormack, Abigail Coburn and Zoe Moran are among the local actors taking roles. Gibson is credited as producer.

Mel Gibson has been spotted in Dublin - and he's having a whale of a time!
The 60-year-old was seen enjoying a meal in FX Buckley Steakhouse on Pembroke Street last night.

Mel Gibson in Dublin 2016 Facebook: FX Buckley Steakhouses

He had kidneys and a medium rare fillet, and even stopped for a photo with the restaurant's sommelier, Albert.

"He wasn't here for very long. He and the woman he was with - I think it was his girlfriend - only had one course each.
"But he was really nice and complimentary of the kidneys!" said Albert.

Mel was also allegedly spotted at the Shelbourne, although the only evidence is a blurry photo of the back of his head.

Just spotted Mel Gibson at the Shelbourne in Dublin.Great back of the head shot!I'll stick to the day job #paparazzi

— Barry Kirby (@BarryBkirby) September 20, 2016

The Hollywood star is currently expecting a child with his 26-year-old girlfriend, Rosalind Ross.
It will be his ninth child, having already had seven with his ex-wife Robyn Moore and one with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Source: IrishTimes and DublinLive